Why Modern Marketers Need Interactive Content

Our goal is to leave customers satisfied by providing them with a compelling content

Think of interactive content, and what comes in your mind is the BuzzFeed quiz that will predict your future after choosing three bowls of cereal that best reflect your personality.

However, marketing professionals today use interactive content, ranging from questionnaires to assessments, ROI calculators and interactive videos, to conduct important marketing activities that have a dynamic impact on results.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content requires the active participation of the participants. It’s a commitment to content that provides viewers with a dynamic and often personalized experience in real-time.

But the most important thing about interactive content: it works because it is based on the “give and take” model, in which marketers design experiments for their audience, which in turn provide their information. This mutual exchange of values means that your audience is ready to provide more information about the content that is specifically intended for them.

Why are Marketers Using Interactive Content?

The answer is simple because marketing professionals, who have trouble attracting interest and motivating their audiences in a saturated digital environment can achieve more effective results.

In a world where most people create content, getting the message to the right audience becomes more and more difficult. Interactive content places the essence in the old marketing engine and improves processes that focus on the viewer’s experience. Interactive content can be a powerful tool in the toolbox for modern vendors.

  • 75% of business owners have already initiated the use of interactive content.
  • 75% of content marketers plan to increase their usage of interactive content in the upcoming year.

Interactive content works best if you support all of the larger marketing activities you have undertaken to attract your audience, and convey your message throughout the buyer’s journey.

source: JayanCM – LinkedIn Post

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